Mobile Massage

The mobile aspect of Spectrum Mobile Massage Clinic involves massage therapy being delivered in the comfort and convenience of your own home or business, or hotel room.

A portable massage table, onsite massage chair, portable reflexology chair, support cushions, heat packs, relaxation music and a variety of quality creams and essential oils, are all part of the Spectrum  Mobile Massage experience.  Receiving a massage session within your home or place of accommodation is significantly more relaxing compared to travelling to and from a massage clinic.

David’s Testimonial:

"I’ve been receiving massage treatments from Fred Green of Spectrum Mobile Massage for over 3 years. I tend to have tight muscles. I was receiving weekly massage treatments after an injury but now have gone to monthly massage sessions to help my muscles stay flexible and relaxed."

Pixie’s Testimonial:

I have been receiving massages from Fred Green (Spectrum Mobile Massage) for the past two years. I enjoy the various techniques that he uses and that no two massages are the same.

Fred’s massages relax me and provide me with both physical and mental wellness that ground me. He is very flexible when booking appointments and I would highly recommend him.